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start, your journey to better wellbeing here  

Our team members combine their relevant qualifications and clinical experience to offer you a wide range of disciplines to support your health and wellbeing.  
We understand wellbeing is a combination of physical, mental and emotional health. 

Services Offered 

We offer a combination of clinical and complementary therapies– tailored to your specific needs. At the 360 wellbeing centre we meet the needs of the local community by embracing local community health projects. We exist to supplement traditional health care in the Derbyshire area; with our flexible approach, we build close links with GPs, consultants and other health professionals. 
Blood Screening 
Infrared Sauna 
Cognitive Behavioural 
IV Vitamin Drips & Vitamin Injections 
Colon Hydrotherapy 
Massage and Facials 
Ear Irrigation 
Rieki & Reflexology 
Food Intolerence Testing  
FoodPrint 200+ 
Wellness Assessment 

Other Services Available in Clinic 

Aromatique Reflexology 
Blood Draw 
Blood Screen Essential Health Track 
Confidence Building 
Ear Candling 
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) 
Hava Weightless and Cleanse Programme 
Menopause Consultation 
Psychosexual Therapy Service 
Reflexology Reflexology Luxury Leg and Foot Treatment 
Six Week Tummy Restore 

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What our clients say 

Just to say thanks so much for the Covid test before my return to Maine and for taking such good care of my sister Janet . She came in recently for a taster treatment. She was much impressed by all of the good care you took of her and Laura's excellent Reiki treatment. I hope that your autumn goes well with lots of new customers. 
with all good wishes 
I would like to thank you for your recent help. 
For the last 20 years, I have suffered from a skin rash, which a succession of doctors have treated the symptom rather than the cause. I booked a consultation with you where you discussed the issues that I had been having and it quickly became evident that I should take a food intolerance test. 
The results came back and there were several foods that were part of my daily diet that I was intolerant to. You then gave me some pointers on what to do with the results and discussed alternatives with me (e.g. beer is a no no, but cider is ok). Over the past few weeks, I have excluded the top 5 elevated food types, and the rash has subsided dramtically, I have also lost almost a stone and a half in weigh and feel much better for my food choices. 
This change to my diet has changed how I feel dramatically, as I’m no longer thinking about whether I’m going to have a skin reaction. 
I cannot thank you enough for your help! 
Matthew - Wilson Howe Chartered Accountants 
I decided to have a Reiki treatment, from walking through the door to the wellbeing centre the ambience is wonderful. I felt relaxed with lovely music playing in the background a warm welcoming by Colleen and the smell of incense which I love.The decor is amazing. I wanted everything in there from the sofas to the cushions and lipstick mirror plus more. 
I have not had a reiki treatment like this before and found it lovely in every possible way. 
Kelly took me on a journey through a meditation leading to sheer joy. 
All I can say is that it was a wonderful experience 
Kelly is very professional and very welcoming. 
I am looking forward to another visit. Love and light 💚 
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