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We are pleased to announce the 360 Wellbeing has partnered with Lushous Beauty to offer a new Fat Freezing Service. 
Fat Freezing (Cryo Quattro) is the most advanced and safe Cryolipolysis device on the market. The revolutionary design means that you can treat four target areas simultaneously, reducing treatment time by half. 
Our 360° applicators use 360° cooling plates to freeze the entire target area, this eliminates up to 50% more fat cells than standard applicators. 
Results are visible after just 1 treatment when aftercare is followed correctly. 
About Fat Freeze Service 
The Fat Freezing (Cryo Quattro Cryolipolysis) treatment is a non-invasive procedure that delivers controlled localised cooling at the surface of the skin to kill fat cells. It is not a weight-loss solution, and it does not replace traditional weight loss methods. Clinical studies have shown that this procedure will naturally remove fat cells but, as with most procedures, visible results will vary from person to person. 
How does Fat Freezing Work? 
Fat Freezing (Cryo Quattro Cryolipolysis) uses heating and cooling technology to safely and effectively eliminate fat cells. Boasting of 4 expertly engineered applicators with integrated 360° cooling plates, the Cryo Quattro® is able to deliver heat to increase blood circulation, followed by cooling to minus temperatures which crystallises the fat cells without damaging the overlying skin. This method triggers fat cell apoptosis, the body’s immune system then naturally processes the fat and eliminates dead cells, approx. 40% of fat cells in the treated area are eliminated and the thickness of the fat layer is significantly reduced. 
What are the advantages of Fat Freeze? 
• Pain free 
• Non-invasive 
• Permanent results 
• No anaesthetic required 
• High patient satisfaction rate 
• Up to 40% reduction in only one session 
• Multiple areas of the body may be treated in a single session 
• Resume normal daily activities immediately after treatment 
All the images (left) show results from a single treatment. 
Are there any side-effects? 
Common side effects immediately afterwards: 
• Redness, numbness and firmness of the treated area. 
• Transient bleaching and / or mild bruising around the edges of the treatment area. 
Common side effects for 1-2 weeks afterwards: 
• Redness, bruising and swelling. 
• Tenderness, bloating, cramping, muscle spasm and aching. 
• Itching, tingling and sensitive skin. 
• Numbness which can persist for several weeks. 
How much does Fat Freeze Cost? 
We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation for fat freeze treatments to ensure we give you the best price for what you’re looking for. 
Speak with our specialists today to book your free consulatation 
call: 01246 938 948 or email info@360wellbeingcentre.co.uk 
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