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NeoGenSPA is the perfect choice to treat ageing and troubling skin. This unique technology has a proven record for treating anti-ageing, cosmetic and dermatological conditions all over the body. The treatment has a proven record of generating new skin with results and improvements lasting for up to one year after the initial treatment. 
For clients who are not quite ready for more invasive surgical techniques, NeoGenSPA offers a quick and extremely effective alternative for patients seeking minimal downtime, highly tolerable procedures while obtaining natural and long-lasting results. 
NeoGen works on and below the surface of the skin to modify the skin’s entire architecture, generating new collagen and elastin fibres. This provides clinical improvements in skin tone, texture and laxity simultaneously with results appearing immediately and progressively improving for a considerable amount of time afterwards. 

| The Science 

| The Results 

Images courtesy of Nina Deep, M.D. 

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