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Health track blood test £299 

Our health track is advanced blood testing of 56 markers in the body and identification of common nutritional deficiencies. A personal follow up consultation in clinic or online gives clients a clear understanding of their personal health and a tailored journey which allows them to implement positive, health enhancing habits. 
Biometrics can also be included; height, weight, BMI, body composition, fat percentage, metabolism, heart rate and blood pressure. 

Intolerance testing  £130 60 foods £325 200 foods 

Lab Intolerance TestingFoodPrint 200+ The CNS FoodPrint® 200+ service utilises state of the art immunoassay microarray technology to detect food-specific IgG antibodies to 220 different foods allowing you to choose the foods that best support your body. Improve your health and well-being by taking the pressure off the digestive system.The results from the food reaction test show whether you are suffering from a potential allergy or an intolerance towards certain foods. The test contains an analysis of roughly 95% of the most common triggers for food allergies and intolerances in Europe. 
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