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Hava Castor Oil

A special blend of Hava castor oil to be used for wrapping the body as part of the HAVA programme detox. Suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Castor oil is said to contain many beneficial components, including fatty acids, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, amino acids, terpenoids and phytosterols. These various compounds are said to give the oil the following properties and potential health benefits: Anti-diabetic, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial.
Castor oil is considered a vegetable oil that is pale yellow in colour and is produced by crushing the seeds of the castor oil plant. Many of the benefits gained by using castor oil are a result of its chemical composition. Castor oil is a particular type of triglyceride fatty acid, with nearly 90 percent of its fatty acid substance is ricinoleic acid, which is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid.
Castor oil has recently become a popular treatment for growing healthier, thicker hair. When regularly used on your roots, it can increase hair growth, reduce hair damage from products and styling, hydrate hair, make hair shinier and fuller, prevent dry scalp, and improve the overall health of your hair. When you apply it to the ends of your hair, the castor oil can help reduce frizz and repair split ends.
Not to be taken orally.
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